Taggin for album version

Does anyone know what tagging to use to view the ‘album version’ (for example - special edition - remastered …)

There are various ways. The cleanest is to use the VERSION tag.

Superb, thx

I realize it’s been two years, however I cannot find a “VERSION” tag as part of the list of ID3 tags (see the full list of them here ID3 Tags). From what I can see, there is no “VERSION” tag. Can you elaborate on this? I’m looking to have all my DSD categorized as such.

Hi guys.
If it can help…
The version tag I found on Yate is not working.
But what you put between [ ] in the folder name where your audio files are stored is read as a version.

I added a Custom Tag VERSION in JRiver it transfers to Roon no problem , maybe try MP3Tag see if it works there

The other way is in your folder names add the version name in [ square bracket]

Eg Abby Road [Super Deluxe Edition]