Tagging 24 Bit Recordings


I want to tag all the 24 Bit recordings in my collection, I’ve manually done this for around 40 albums but I’ve got a lot more to go. Is there an easy way to automate this or at least producing a list that show all the 24 Bit recording?


  1. Install mp3tag from here:

  2. In mp3tag, right click on column headings, create custom column called “Bit Depth”. In VALUE box enter:
    Leave the field and sort by boxes empty.

  3. Load up all your files (FLAC or otherwise) in mp3tag

  4. sort on Bit Depth column, select all 24 bit, right click (select extended tags) and add a tag field or whatever tagging you want to do for that group of files.

Use focus, format and select all your 24 bit files. Then you can either bookmark them or tag them all which ever you prefer. You can also get Roon to show the format on the album cover in the browser mode.



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HI philr

Thanks, I can now find all my albums and can book mark them but I am falling at the last hurdle as far as tag them in bulk.

Thanks garym

Once you have used focus to find all the 24 bit albums select 1 by a long press (on iPad) then top left of the screen it shows 1 selected, use the drop down to select all then the three dots to the right of play now allow you to add to tag where you will see the option to create a new tag.

Focus, Format, 24 bit
Select All: on a computer, Ctrl-A; on a tablet, select one album with long press, then in the top left where is says 1 Selected, click and Select All
In the top band, the three-dot button, Add to tag; if you don’t already have a tag, hit New Tag, enter the name, Create, and Save

Thanks Ratbert

Got there myself just as you were posting, it was the ‘add to tag’ option under the three dot menu that I needed. Need to click on it a couple of times to get a tick instead of a blue box then all will be tagged.

Perfect thanks for everyone’s help.

Glad you are all sorted. If I had learnt to touch type I might have got their first! Oh well.

Question: Does adding a tag within Roon, write a tag to the files themselves (useable by nonRoon applications) or only the Roon database? (if it does add a tag field to the file itself that can be recognized outside Roon, then there is certainly no need for my suggestion (using mp3tag).

Roon tags are on DB only not to the files.

thanks. So the answer depends on what the OP wants (a permanent tag field in the files usable by almost any music software or one in the Roon db usable by only Roon).