Tagging to identify all the cd from a box set using a Roon search

Hi folks a newbie Question

I have some classical big box sets eg. Brilliant classics 65 cd Handel.

So I rip them normally [Handel bxst] - [CD1] … [CD65] each of these 65 folders contains the one flac file from each of the cds in the box.

Now I would like to be able to do a search in roon that returned these 65 DC in the first instance.

can any one point me to some wise council on how to do this.

your attention is appreciated James

Generally speaking, reissue boxsets are tricky to get right because good metadata for them is scarce. Roon relies on various metadata sources, including AllMusic and Musicbrainz. I did a bit of research, Musicbrainz seems to have decent metadata for your boxset:

For your CD rips to match it, first of all you need as many FLAC files/CD as there are tracks in the CD. In addition, you’ll need to follow the other prescriptions for boxsets:

Hi thanks for the reply.
Let me be clear I am NOT trying to get Roon to sort out box sets. Box sets are a nightmare.

More specifically how should I manually tag tracks so that when I search for (as an example) “BXST Handel” I get the tagged tracks back as a group in the search result. I have never manually tagged before and would like to do it right so that it fits with roons search engine

My thanks James

What I do for that use case is to first select all the relevant tracks and then add a Roon tag for them. I just went through that workflow for one of my biggest boxsets, the complete Columbia Boulez (67 discs). I selected all the tracks in the boxset, and then I clicked “…” at the top to get to Add to Tag, created the new tag “Boulez Columbia” and clicked Save. That’s it. To get those tracks, I click the “burger” icon on the Roon home page, click Tags, and find the tag I’m looking for. Clicking on that, I get a list of all the tagged tracks.

Your a Star thank you so much.

That’s so much easier than I could have possible hopped for.

Your time and efforts is appreciated

Bless you James

P.S for what is worth the “burger” Icon is more formally called an “ellipsis”. But I do rather prefer your description - Cheers James

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