Tags/bookmarks question

Apologies if this is documented somewhere (I couldn’t find it), I have a question about using tags and bookmarks.

Background is that I have a reasonably large music collection (5,000 -odd albums) built over many years. Many of these albums are low-res and in many cases, the only albums I have for a particular artist are low res. I would like to understand better how to include/exclude these low res albums when browsing across different views

For example, in Album view it’s easy to simply focus on or exclude certain Formats.
But when I’m looking at an individual artist, sometimes I’d like to only see their hi-res albums -is there a way to do this?
Similarly, as I mentioned above, I have a number of artists that only have low-res albums, is there a way to exclude these artists when I’m in Artist view?

If you have them in different folders (storage locations) you can use the focus tool directly (dynamic view) else you have to use tags (use focus tool in album or track view to find either one [low or high res], select all and add to tag [static view], use the tag in artist view).

Can you tell me how to select all when I’m in either album or track view?

FAQ: How do I select songs or albums? What can I do?

That seems to only select one track at a time (unless I’m missing something). I have something like 3,000 albums that I’d need to tag :frowning:

You can use Focus to include or exclude different formats and resolutions. Then bookmark each view you use, so you can get back there easily. Bookmarks are dynamic – almost more like macros – so they self adjust to your collection.

I’ve been playing around with bookmarks and while useful they don’t give me what I want.
For example, I can only use Focus to exclude MP3 at a track or album level. I can bookmark that view as you suggest.
However, if I want to only see the non-MP3 tracks at an individual artist level, the bookmark is of no use

From the article linked above:

You can also click the dropdown on the left to select all the items on the screen, or to deselect all.


As I wrote above, you have to use tags for that if they are not in a separate folder.

Ahh silly me!
Thanks for pointing that out :+1:

Ok so my next questions are:

  1. I selected all my non-MP3 tracks and tagged them.
    But somehow a bunch of MP3 albums snuck through… how do I ‘untag them’.

  2. Applying the tag is really slow. If I’m in Artist view and apply the tag it takes close to 2 minutes to take effect

  3. If I then go into an individual artist, the tag doesn’t “follow” me in. I still get all of their albums and tracks(including MP3).
    I have to go individually into “view all albums” and apply the tag or separately into “view all tracks” and apply the tag.
    Each time I do that it takes about a minute

There must be a better way of doing this. Does anyone have any ideas?

If you have them in different folders (storage location, watched folder) you can use the focus tool directly and use a bookmark to store the view.

That’s probably a better way. I had hoped I could do it simply directly in Roon but it seems not.

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