Tags Versus Favorites

I searched the knowledge base to answer this question, but wanted to write a post to get a quick and concise answer without wading through long articles. Can someone please explain the difference between tags and favorites (the little heart icon)?

I have been using tags this way…I listen to WKZE radio (great station in Salisbury, CT) all day. When I hear a song I like, I add that album to my collection and then I give it a tag “WKZE” which seems to work very well and lets me curate songs/albums/artists that I like. Is there a better way to do this? Thank you!

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Tags are to organise tracks, albums etc in a way that you devise.
Favourites are to let roon know that you like tracks, albums etc. There are inbuilt filters on favourites and they are taken into account in selections when roon is looking for music for you.

I’m sure others will chip in with more subtleties :slight_smile:

Thanks Ged! That is helpful. So favorites seems to be more powerful. Can you organize favorites as a collection or playlist? I will tinker and find out.

Well, they are for very different things. And discussing the inns and outs of Tags is not a quick post, and, I’m not sure has ever been written up in a nice comprehensive post.

However, I will mark one very big difference.

Tags are cross items. I can create a Tag called “Mellow” and apply it to a Track, and an Album, and an Artist, and a Genre, and a Composer, and a Composition… whew. They can all be under the same Tag. I can then go to that Tag and choose Shuffle, and it will draw upon everything under that Tag for shuffling, for example.

Take composers, on Sunday mornings I just want to hear Baroque music. So, I make a Tag Called “Sunday Baroque” and put it on the various Composers, like Telemann. Then all I have to do is Shuffle Sunday Baroque and it will shuffle music from every composer I’ve tagged. While I can tag composers with favorites, favorites is an all or nothing choice, per “type”. So you could shuffle favorite compositions, but you could not shuffle favorite compositions AND composers.

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One other thing favourites can do is “Ban” things from roon radio. Favourites has three states,

  1. Not favorited:

  2. Favorited:

  3. Banned:

If you get plenty of favourites, you can go to tracks, select the Heart which will focus on said favourites then select shuffle for a random drift through your fav music.

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Thanks Daniel…That is a lot to digest! I will do some more reading on this site to get a better handle of the functions. As for now, do you think my tag methodology is a good one? Thanks again!

I think that is a great way to use Tags. In essence, you are created a grouping of songs you heard from that Radio station. If you listened to other radio stations, you could follow through with those as well.

Once you have a couple of tags WXXX, WKZE, etc. You can then, put those Tags in another Tag called Radio Stations. And then if you want to shuffle all stations you just shuffle that Tag.

So, you can Tag Tags! :smiley:

Awesome! Thanks Daniel! So helpful.

Great idea, I’ve got a little stuck on this.
So some artists have tags and I can add my custom tag.

However some artists don’t and I can’t seem to add a tag?

James Alexander Bright is an example.

I can add a tag if I drill into an album.

OK sussed it, they need to be added to your library to add a tag…


And to make anything a favourite.