Taj Mahal Giant Step

This is definite funny

The original vinyl was released as a double LP Giant Step (Disc 1) and De Ole Folks at Home (LP2)

The CD was a 2 on one disc ( I think ?)

No matter what I do , prefer file etc and re identify i still get the track names on The Ole Folks showing as the Giant Step ones

Play a track and the music is correct the visuals aren’t


Looks like All Music has it screwed up

if I merge the 2 albums , into disc 1 & disc 2 the tracks are still wrong but it asks me for Grouping even with 2 different albums ?? I assume Roon only offers this when the selected albums are the same one?


I created the 22 track “album” externally , Roon now sees it as a single album

Its obviously the 2 “original” albums thats causing the issue


For a real treat, check out his daughter, Deva Mahal, singing Take A Giant Step. Fabulous!