Taking Roon with you... is it possible?!?

** System: Roon Rock i5 - Cisco Switch - Aries G1 - Chord M Scaler - Chord TT2 - PMC 25.22 **

Current system is running perfectly on my network but, I’m going to be taking a couple of weeks off in a self catering apartment with it’s own WiFi etc. I’ll be taking my TT2 & MScaler with me (headphones) and want to know whether I could just take the fanless Roon Rock Nuc as well and carry on as normal. I.e. just connect the Roon Rock to the router at the holiday property and then use a usb from the iPad to TT2.

Or, can you connect the Roon Rock directly to the M Scaler (USB). If so, how do you control select music?

Just trying to get my head around what I need to take (cabling wise) to make sure everything will work.

Thanks for any help you can give here.

Hi it is possible but everyone’s system is different. How I’d do it might be different to you. You need an Ethernet Internet connection to the NUC, then a USB connection to your DAC from the NUC. You also need a remote device (phone or tablet). That is the simplest configuration.

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Thanks… I think I’ll take a long ethernet cable just in case the router is out of the way and then a shorter usb cable.

Or…if I connect the Roon Rock to the router at the holiday place and I connect my MacBook to the wifi, would it pick up Roon as it does now (at home) even though the network is different. If so, I might pickup a USB to Optical adapter for the Mac as this would be closer to what I have now with optical out from the Aries G1.

It should pick it up fine if they are the same subnet (common router).

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Thanks… thinking about it, I may have to go for the option of connecting the Roon NUC to the router & then connect it directly to the M Scaler. I wouldn’t have any control of the IP address used. Might just be an added complication.

It’s a shame Roon playlists can’t be exported into Qobuz otherwise I could just use the Qobuz app.

I bring Roon with me in the form of a Roon complete installation on my MacBook Pro, with a Lacie 5Tb portable drive (also considered a backup drive). Just a little issue with needing internet connectivity when starting Roon (or no audio devices will be found) and authorizing the setup.
Otherwise, everything works fine. and when I desire Qobuz content I activate Internet and set max sample rate on the Qobuz service to 320kbps MP3.
I usually listen to this in my cabin, where I’m on 4G cellular network with limited data.

PS I often bring my Chord Hugo TT with me also!

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I think I’ll have to do a couple of test setups on the in-laws network to see how it works before I go. I still might get a usb - digital converter to connect to the Roon NUC or laptop as it will help cut down on RF noise into the M Scaler. One way or another I will take my music with me :joy:

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