Taylor Swift folklore breaking all previous streaming records

They just showed up in my Roon library in about 5 minutes with no manual sync. Maybe Roon did a sync, IDK. Usually, I do a manual sync to see them immediately, or almost.

Thank you for pointing out the sync delay. I tried it again and waited a few minutes this time. As you said, this time it appeared in my library.

For some reason, even when the album I tested showed up as added to my library, if I access it in Roon by going to Qobuz > My Qobuz > Favorite Albums, the button to the right of the cover still says “+ Add To Library”. As a matter of fact, all of the albums in there say that. Confusing…

You’re looking at how it is in Qobuz, not your Roon library.

Thanks for the clarification. :+1:

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Yeah that’s expected behaviour when browsing via the Qobuz portal.

Anyone else notice how much it sounds like a Lana del Ray album?

At least a few songs in…


Very nice, Live in Boston & Supersession, I’m impressed, just an FYI Rekooperation goes nicely with super session