Taylor Swift folklore breaking all previous streaming records

Hundreds of millions of streams in a couple of days. Unless you are using roon and qobuz, in which case you still can’t yet stream it at all. Unless you use qobuz app.

Suggestion: Maybe the roon backend elves need a manual/executive override/intervention in situations like this. I know we are a bunch of old dinosaurs clinging desperately to our NM vinyl copies of Dark Side of the Moon, but some of us may be Tay curious.

I have been streaming this album from Tidal through Roon since last Friday. It is now available from Qobuz through Roon since yesterday. It’s a really good album.

Still not seeing it. I favorited it in qobuz Friday and synced several times. Also doesn’t show up in qobuz new releases for me.

Edit: checked again, and it is now showing in my qobuz favorites, but not in my library.

Same here.

Four Tidal versions and four Qobuz.

Was just playing it from Qobuz through Roon a few hours ago, until I got bored.

It did behave strangely, even in Qobuz a couple of days ago it would appear under the artist Taylor Swift, but not when I searched for folklore.

But all is well now.

Not a patch on Joni Mitchell though! But then again I’m not a 13 years old lovesick girl.

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You have to add it to your library. It doesn’t go there by itself.

I used Roon search Saturday morning and did the add to library.

Thought if you favorited it in qobuz that added it to your library?

Yes, I guess that does also. I can’t believe I don’t remember if that adds it to library or just makes it show up in Roon. I always click on Versions and pick the Tidal and Qobuz versions I want.

Favoring it in the Qubuz app doesn’t add to your Roon library. Once selected as a favorite in the Qobuz app, in Roon you will find it under My Qobuz (Qobuz > My Qobuz) where you can then select it and add it to your Roon library.

Or just search for it, then add the versions you want to your library.

Sorry adding anything as a favourite in Qobuz adds it to your library just like Tidal does.

It adds it to your library, that’s the whole point of Roons integration. Add in the Tidal or Qobuz app it syncs to your library. If it doesnt then it means it’s not in Roons dB yet.

Yep, that’s how it works. I don’t necessarily agree that’s the whole point of Roon integration. Having it show up in Roon is integration in itself. Adding it to your Roon library is something different.

I tried it before posting. It worked just as I described.

It also adds it to your library. I just tested it since I did not remember. I liked an album in Tidal and Qobuz and a few minutes later, both were in my Roon library.

Honestly it’s not how its supposed to work. I just add them on Qobuz app as a favourite and they just appear in my Library after the next sync. They are not instantaneous you wait for Roons next sync with the services or your force one in settings.