Ted Smith Signature DAC

I thought this would be a good place to plonk this.

I was telling you about Ted’s up-coming approach to this… the 2-box solution… separate ‘digital’ box and separate box for the D-to-A conversion. Both boxes separated by fibre optic cable…

So as previously mentioned, the digital box with all it’s connections to digital sources and it’s powerful high power consumption FPGA can be on the opposite side of the house if you want - or next to your listening chair. And you have a fibre optic connection to the D/A box connected to amp/s via short analogue cables.

First look here and a bit of explanation from Ted himself. As usual he’s rockin a cool shirt.

And he pulls out the secret weapon from his shirt pocket ! :grin:


Ted Talk, at Axpona about his next DAC:

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