Tell Roon that a track is a recording of another track (i.e. link recordings)

Roon is pretty good at identifying different versions of the same songs when it comes to English or really “big” artist and compositions. But as we move outside of that spectrum, I clearly see there’s room for improvement.

Now, I’d like to tell Roon (or Valence) about what to improve (and how), but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Before we go any further: yes, I do know about the “Merge compositions” function and it’s not what I’m looking for. I don’t want to point version B and C to version A (which “Merge compositions” would do).

I would like to tell Roon that song A, B and C should show up as different recordings of the same work. Basically, I want to get things into this view:

But I can’t figure out how. See this example (from Merge compositions, which is not the right solution):

These two recordings are two different tracks from different albums and artists. They are, nonetheless, two versions of the same song. They do have different titles (and different lyrics), as one is in Serbo-Croatian (I imagine [sorry if I’m wrong but the language situation in the Balkans is complicated for outsiders]) while the other is in Polish. The Polish track is a cover of the original Yugoslav recording (think of it as perhaps Garota de Ipanema vs all the Girl from Ipanema versions out there - nobody argues that these are versions of the same song). So when I browse one of them I’d like to see a link to that nice recordings view, as shown in the first screenshot with É luxo só.

Another, perhaps more obvious example, is this one which shows the same song by different artists:

Am I missing some obvious way to tell Roon about these relations between different recordings? Or is it not possible yet, and if so, wouldn’t it be a handy feature? Initially I want to categorise things inside my library, but it would be even better if we could teach Roon about this and benefit from each other’s improvement to the Roon metadata catalog.