Telling you a "big" issue on RoPieee 22.04

Hi there,
wanna tell about my issues and expiriences using RoPieee:
Had tested and use different software like RoPiee before. You know their names… Wanted the latest RoPieee, 22.04, but had a lot difficulties getting the .bin-image written on a micro-SD!
I’m a linux-user. Balena Etcher and the build-in usb-image-writer-tool stopped writing the image with an error-message (image is corrupted). Looked at the SD-card-partition-table: there are 5(!) partitions! RoPieee 4.017 only had 2 or 3, like normaly should be… Took the wife’s windows-PC with Etcher, same “error”! Tried to boot - works! Until 4.017 never had this discusting issue… Could this be stopped - using the .img-format instead .bin-format? Thanx, go on with your superb work

RoPieee has 5 partions.Nothing wrong with that.

Changing the extension does not change a thing: you can do that yourself. Nothing changed with the image format itself. The reason there’s a .bin extension is for people using Windows.

If you’re a Linux user you can try ‘dd’ as well.


Ok, thanx… As mentioned, booted without problems…
But the errormessage on Etcher and linux-onboard-image-writer (uses “dd” over an graphic-ui) was very discusting…

You might try Rufus instead. I prefer it.

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