'Temple Of The Dog (25th Anniversay Mix Expanded Edition)' not known

This awesome album is released (very) recently, but not known to Roon.

Can you look into this?


hmmm. ok. Maybe I’m just being impatient as I just now see that it is actually released today :smiley:

I’ll just wait for a few days then…

week later, still no luck. anyone at @support can look into this?

Hi @spockfish ---- My apologies for the delay. Can you send me a screen grab of the album page for this title in roon. I would like to see what you are seeing, thanks!


Hi Harry,

Do you have the original album in your library already? If so, while in album view, click the Other Versions button and select View Album on Tidal. It should bring it up.

If not, please follow Eric’s request.

Cheers, Greg

Hi @Greg,

I’m not sure I understand you correctly. I don’t use Tidal, so how does that work then?
And yeah, I’ve got the original as well. Problem is that this is just ‘unidentified’, and the 9 versions that are being proposed are not a match.

@Eric I’ll post a screenshot later today, but I’m not sure what that will add to what it is: ‘unidentified’. Nothing to see there.

Hi Harry,

Sorry about that. Usually when people say they can’t find a new release, it means in Tidal.

Anyway, it looks like you did try to Identify it. What version do you have? I see that you looked at the 9 versions available.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,

This one: http://www.hdtracks.com/temple-of-the-dog-25th-anniversay-mix-expanded-edition-351269

Now, the interesting part is that I think that the name (and tagging) is wrong: it says ‘anniversay’ in stead of ‘anniversary’.

So I thought that would be the problem, but no luck. And indeed, there’s not a single match in those 9 versions.

Hi Harry,

I can’t access that album from HD Tracks. It’s not available to Canadians and they don’t list the tracks.

How many tracks are on that HD Tracks version?

Also, checking Allmusic.com, a digital download version isn’t available. They get their metadata from Rovi, which is where Roon gets theirs.

You may have to Identify the album by matching it to the closest version in Roon, it will end up showing as 2 discs, however at least it will be identified.

@joel, is this the best approach? Can the digital download version be added?

Cheers, a Greg

Hey @spockfish – I took a look and none of our metadata providers has information for this edition of the album. In many cases, our providers get information about new albums shortly after their release, and for big mainstream releases the labels often make sure our providers have metadata in advance of the release date.

Unfortunately, in this case it looks like no one ever submitted any information about the 18 track edition of this album to any of our providers (although as you noted, we do have a number of other versions of this album in our database :grin:).

It might be worth waiting and seeing if this album is submitted to AllMusic soon, or you could try adding the information to Musicbrainz yourself.

Lastly, you can match it to one of the editions that we do have in our database (which should give you credits, recording date, and other extended metadata) and then just use Roon’s editing features to prefer your album title, version info, track titles (if needed), etc. Not the most graceful solution I admit, but unfortunately we can only identify albums our metadata providers know about, and for now this release seems to be flying under the radar.

If you manually identify the album (search for Temple of the Dog / Temple of the Dog if necessary) and pick the correct album, edition 9/9 in the track matching UI will give you album level metadata, but use your own track info. It’s another option.

Thanks @joel. This is exactly what I did :slight_smile:

Maybe at some point in time this release will be available via Roon metadata, but for now I can live with this.


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