Testing the APIs on iOS and Apple Watch

Hi All,

I’m testing the apis to run on the iOS and Apple Watch.
There are several things that i still can’t figure out how to do:

  1. getting the image off of the Album’s image_key. has anybody managed to get this?
  2. is there any way that we can use https calls instead of http? Apple is moving towards banning http calls, especially on watchOS.

here’s the youtube link of my apps: https://youtu.be/sz6-fkeLlcw


Hello Bastian,
I’m very interested in controlling Roon with my Apple Watch.
I’m always listening to Roon when i go to bed en fall asleep with it.
I’m using JH Angies custom iem’s, connected to Chord Mojo, which is connected to Apple Mini. That’s is one of my zones: the ‘Bedroom Rig’.
If i want to skip a song from the playlist while listening, i’d really like to use my watch for it, because i don’t want to disturb my sleeping wife.
Is it possible to make your methods available to me?
I would appreciate it very much!
Hans GW

Hi @Hans_Groot_Wesseldij,

How are you liking the Angies? I’ve been using JH16 for when I’m on the go for quite sometime now and loving it.

Please take a look at the following topic:

I’ve created a set of apis that can be called by http, I also have a link to workflow widget that can be used with iOS’ Workflow app.

This works with iOS widgets as well as Apple Watch.


Wow. That’s great!
Unfortunately, i’m not technically capable of understanding how to get this to work.
I have downloaded and installed the Workflow app on my iphone.
I have your set running, but i don’t know how to get the settings right.
I have changed your ip example to the ip number of my core.
I left the :3100 port unchanged.
From then on i’m stuck…, sorry.

I’m enjoying my Angies by the way.
But during daytime i’m spoiled by my Hifiman HE1000v2 :wink:

Hi @Hans_Groot_Wesseldij,

It’s port 3001 instead of 3100.

Have run the server apis? Are you getting the zone updates?
If you have, don’t forget to enable it on the Roon’ settings -> extension page.


Hope their is some progress being made here :nerd_face:

Hi @wizardofoz,

I cannot submit my iOS native code to apple because of some code restriction (Apple now only allows secure https connection) which I don’t use.

However, you can use iOS’ workflow app to have it run on Apple Watch as well as iPhone/iPad/s notification area (swipe right on lock/home screen).

You just need to download the Workflow app on an iOS device, which is free and then get the workflow from the following url (you need to open it on your device: https://workflow.is/workflows/7e01d37c7c1e4982ba9c89c2b1e28f12

Then you can use the websocket project to run it.

@Mike_Plugge, I have not seen your code in detail, but if you could add the following http calls to your server you can use it this way too:

  • listZones
  • next
  • play_pause
  • previous


That should be pretty easy to add to the app.js.

Unfortunately, I do not have an Apple watch to test this and I hate releasing code that I can’t test.

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Hi Mike,

Yeah, that’s the same with me too.
I was just thinking since a lot of people are using your project, it would be a nice addition.


I will probably use your code since it is largely compatible with mine, then.

Thanks for the heads up!

Hi all,
Just asking for a little help if anyone has the kindness (and time) to oblige
I’m tying to create a macro which will in sequence
Group all zones
Recall and play a specific playlist or album or radio.
Is there any way of doing this via a web api call, or must it be done directly in a js app.
I have coded some simple web api calls and they work ( play pause …etc)
But I’m stumped at how to set up the macro as I outlined earlier.
Unfortunately I have ho JavaScript coding abilities
Any ideas?


Hey guys. Just came on to post a workaround I found.

Group your iPhone’s zone with your computers’ zone in the Roon iOS app. Once that’s done, reduce the volume on your iPhone to 0 - enjoy!

It may all get more interesting when the next watch os is released as then independent apps will become possible. Whether networking features will be good enough for the needs of a roon remote, I am not sure. I suspect an adaptation extension will still be preferred to make everything work smoother with an intermittently connected watch.

Meanwhile - interesting hack :slight_smile: