Thank you for Roon

A couple of months after migrating to a Roon lifer from JRiver MC I believe I made a good choice. From day one I recognized and appreciated the architecture, functionality and aesthetic. As a former developer, I recognized the commitment to adequate and coherent documentation. As a music lover and audiophile I have appreciated the ability to manage delivery of my native library as well as Qobuz integration to reimagine how I listen to both my library and new offerings.

Every little hiccup I’ve had can be traced to my lack of understanding and solved by RTFM or this Community. I know I’m sounding like a fanboy, but I want to say thanks!


It’s been a long time since I have seen the RTFM abbreviation. In the early '90s, you could not escape it. Especially on Usenet.

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Yeah, totally dating myself! Back when I was on a Unix platform.

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It’s not the little hiccups that concern me, rather it’s the occasional big belches that drive me crazy. Usually restarting Roon will fix things but very so often I need to do a complete reboot of the Roon core, modem and router to get things back in line.

Most of my other issues, such as the lack of useable metadata on many recordings that I’ve added from Tidal and Qobuz, are not really Roon’s fault. The lack of metadata is a problem that is not unique to Roon.