Thank you kindly

I just wanted to thank those of you who have been helpful without being snotty.

I am so very glad I took a year sub to Roon and am fairly sure I will buy it outright when my year is up.

I was so wrong about my assumptions at first.

I love the fact the Roon will start to play stuff it thinks I will like. I am amazed at how often it is right. I have new titles in my collectintion now that I had not heard of before.

I have had private messaging with a very kind and patient person who took the fact I have brain damage in to account and knew I wasn’t stupid.

I am also very pleased to have found HQPlayer thru Roon too. The difference to my sound is astonishing and I thought it was good before Roon/HQP. Now I view it all as before Roon and post Roon.

I am amazed by the upsampling. How on earth that is possible I have no idea. Please don’t explain as I am not a tech whiz. People such as Jussi and the makers of Roon awe me. (not good English I know but it seemed the best way to say what I mean.)

I well remember my comment about wanting to listen not read. Now I love to read the bumf about the artists and records.

This will stay with me till I die and hopefully will continue to read and be helped by the kind people I have come across here.

Oh, and the fact that support did find a problem with Roon not playing the files was good for me. Showed I wasn’t stupid and that my logic was sound. (Okay so I am sensitive to being thought of as stupid.)

Anyway, thank you all.


When you say buy it outright, if you mean purchasing a lifetime subscription, do it sooner rather than later. The lifetime subscriptions will disappear at some point, and if you wait you might miss out. If that’s what you plan on doing, just do it, since there is no monetary advantage in waiting for your annual to run out.

Lots of threads on this if you care to investigate.


I just went to do it and found out I am 1 day out of the 30 day cutoff which I either didn’t see or forgot/

Sorry, paying $819 is a rip off. I am not paying it. I shall stick with this years sub and then consider whether I like it enough to pay the sub.

I was quite willing to pay the price with my years sub taken off but as I said either I was not made aware of that sufficiently or I forgot. Either way, I am 1 day over and that cost me $120.

At this rate it is just paying 7 years sub upfront and no doubt the goal posts will just be moved and moved. If they are concerned about income, perhaps they need to think on the exorbitant fees.

As it is I don’t use their sound, I use HQPlayer. Yes it’s nice to read the bumf and to find new artists more easily but I found very man y new artists on my own long before I heard of Roon.

This has left a rather sour taste in my mouth. No, I think this will be the only year I sub. I am old and sick paying 7 years rent in advance? What guarantee that a lifetime sub won’t be put up when they decide to charge for updates?

I already have a serious Roon issue-it refusing to play files that are normal healthy files.

I am glad I wrote what I wrote and I am still glad of the help some have been kind enough to give but I can’t justify buying this.

Yes, I am well aware that if I changed my mind and continued to yearly sub, there is no guarantee the price will not rise. I am certain it will go up, And up. And up. Until they fail through lack of people willing to pay. That would be a shame as it is a brilliant program.

By the way, the $820 is 670 sterling. Add £200 to that and I could buy another new 8300cdq.

I have to say that the tone of the replays, though I am sure not meant, was a threat-buy now or be sorry as your ability to pay is going to be taken away, tomorrow or later.

I know it wasn’t meant as a threat but I felt it as such and now just feel thoroughly p’d off that I am expected to pay the full price for Roon because I was unaware, for whatever reason, most likely down to my brain injury. I can lose May 14 to Sept 20, I can lose what I read 31 days ago.

Not even that p’s me off as the lack of trust I have for the people behind this program now. They know that people will forget about the 30 day thing. They send no reminders. They know we will be so wrapped up in learning the program there is an excellent chance a normal brained person will forget.

No doubt this will elicit snotty responses. It’s a waste of time, yours, not mine. I have had snotty responses just for not understanding how Roon works which I didn’t respond to and the rubbish sent in response to my avr use which is why I stopped reading that thread.

There really is no need for such unpleasantness. Yes, it is clear I have written in such a way as to make it clear I am annoyed to say the least. In fact I feel cheated and it makes no difference if my brain injury is the reason I wasn’t aware of the 30 day deadline for having the years sub refunded off the main price. It’s a rip off, not good business, and a trust breaker.

I make no personal attack on anyone. I am p’d off with the company behind Roon. I am well aware they are people but I’d still tell them that I think their business practice is bad. Not that they are bad. There is a difference but experience tells me this will still be seen as a personal attack.

Anyway, I have had my say and I am sure it won’t make any difference. But it is better than stewing over it.

Take care all.

kind regards

Nobody here threatened you. We are customers who tried to help you.

This quote from Roon Labs:

"Lifetime Billing Option

You can choose to switch to lifetime billing at any time. Just visit your account page and select the lifetime billing option.

If you switch during your trial, you will be billed $699.99 when your trial ends.

If you switch during the first 30 days after a charge for a yearly subscription, you will only pay the difference, $580.11.

At any other time, you will pay the full $699.99 and no full or partial refunds will be granted for prior payments."

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If it is a matter of one day, I’d suggest checking directly with accounts. Send a PM to @accounts.

Whether lifetime is good value after the 30 day period is a decision for each user. But if you decide that it is, then there is no good reason to delay. You will be paying the same amount whether now or at the end of the annual subscription and, as others have noted, lifetime could disappear at any time without warning.

If you decide lifetime isn’t good value without the discount then that’s fine too.


That’s one way to look at it and I’d be “p’d” too. OR, you can consider yourself lucky by staying at the $9.99 a month price and saving yourself from pre-paying rent on something you may not even be all that interested in using at the almost 6 years it’d take to cover that $9.99 a month. I think you lucked out by a day :wink:

Keep tinkering though. It appears your system is getting better all the time.

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Man, I’m confused…The point is if you want a lifetime subscription get one while their available. It’s your choice.

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There’s always someone moaning. And they usually have only themselves to blame for their irrational gripes.

Thank you for your kind response.

I think some people here need to cut Colin some slack.