Thank you Roon team for the best 1.8

This thread is to appreciate and thank the Roon team for all the efforts and commitments to us. The launch experience is so fascinating. I can imagine how much effort has been done and is being done now to launch 1.8.

It is not only Roon that rewards customers and fans, but we, the Roon customers, have the same feelings. You have our support for a successful launch and the fixing of any challenges that might show up.

Thanks to every member of the Roon’s team. You are making history.

Imad Choucair


:roll_eyes: you’re about a week too early.

They’re trying to keep Roon interesting/relevant for their paying customers.


Imagine you work for Roon, and you are now working all night long for us to better enjoy the music. It is not only about the music but the people.

I am in the services business, and I always get that great feeling when the customer tells me “thank you”… and pay of course :slight_smile:


Very True but success is two way, a good service provider and a good customer.

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Fully agree. They have been working hard.


Yeah this kind of business is hard and a labor of love. I hope most of them don’t read a lot of these boards :slight_smile: though this thread would be nice!