Thats some development cycle in 24 hours


@spockfish Harry assuming a fix for this is in the pipe :slight_smile:

another issue is no XL tab…I used an old link to get the page that works but still no Tab Feedback is here ab87310fc7a934fc

Hehe. No that certainly not a mistake. This ‘major’ version number was always there, but up until now it did not served a purpose.

In short term it will as I’m preparing a large ‘under the hood’ update from the base system I’m using. So then it becomes 3.

For the missing tab I pushed out a hotfix, so that should be picked up on a next reboot.

Oh. About the voltage display: that’s not an option as it’s not available in software. The messages about under-voltage are, but they can generate ‘false positives’ as well. On my unit with display they appear once or twice during start up as well, and after that they go quiet.


Pity about the voltage options… most of my pi’s are now on at least 4-5A capable supplies so not too worried now, and the display units are all good, no low flash icons.

I just noticed it’s a . Not a , so 2.419 not 2,419 …had me going there tho :wink: