The Beach Boys - Made In California - Primary Artist Error


Not sure if starting a topic is the right way to solve this but:

Roon lists John Thomas “Vidor” Vidusich as Primary Artist for the 2013 Box-set “Made in California”.

Is there a way to fix this?

Also if there is another procedure to report incorrect metadata, please let me know.

All the best,

Hi Martijn,

Looks like this information is coming from Tivo/Rovi, a metadata provider.
Does this entry at allmusic matches your box-set?

The named artist is listed as primary in the credits.

I also reported a few primary artist errors via a support thread. They are not picked up yet, so I would also be interested to hear about the preferred reporting method.

Hi Jan,

Yes, that’s the one. And listing John Thomas “Vidor” Vidusich as primary artist is clearly a mistake or a typo :slight_smile:

So if I understand correctly the metadata is taken directly from the all music site?

Maybe there is a way to get rid of the errors over there?



I think it is that Roon and All Music use the same metadata providers.

Roon usually feeds these issues back to the metadata providers and they eventually get fixed.

ok, so all we can do is wait :wink: