The Best NUC for ROCK?

Ha! You win :grin:

That’s a really awesome build.


We’ll call yours (Nucleus+)^2

Why one instead of a pair of DIMM? Nowadays RAM should always be installed in pairs (for consumer setup) to take advantage of dual channel memory bandwidth.

Single stick should be fine for Roon OS… I believe Nucleus+ only comes with a single stick of 8gb RAM.

If I repurpose this fanless NUC for Windows in future, I can add a 2nd 16gb stick, for 32gb total.

2x8GB is usually cheaper and when it runs dual channel it is faster. Yes might not matter when running ROCK. But it does in windows and who really needs 32GB in a windows PC. The average user is not running any vmware machines.

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Noted, I said the same.

Very happy with this NUC’s performance though.

I use the same case with the Nuc7i5BHN

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Nice work Philo.

Nice and slim in a tough case, so it travels well for me too.

Compatible with a few models:

I use the Plato MC which was for gen 5 i3 and i5 NUCs. It isn’t as deep as the later Plato cases and makes for an extremely compact unit that can still upsample to DSD128 which is the limit of my DAC. It has a 480mb SSD installed so can carry a significant number of FLAC files but is totally silent in operation.

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Yeh i was turned off by the Akasa case prices for a while.

But I picked up the Plato X7D for £80 ! Plus not much extra for shipping.

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I got mine for £70+ but when the Plato sizes increased to cater for the extra heat of gen 6 chips the prices rocketed. They have readjusted since. I think they are cracking little cases and well worth the effort that goes into building a silent NUC.

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I’m in two minds…assuming money is not the deciding factor (excluding Nucleus!), which is the better route…NUC + fanless case with direct USB connection to my DAC or something like the Allo USBridge + my existing QNAP NAS Roon Server?

You can argue in favour of either. But if money were no object then it would be NUC and USBridge!


I current have a BOXNUC7I5BNK running Rock. I have just purchased a NUC7i7DNKE. Can I just transfer the USB stick I am using with the old NUC (which contains Rock and my database), or do I have to create a new operating system and database using a new USB stick.

What is on the USB stick? Backups?

Backups and ROCK, as well as the database

My mistake. My database and operating system are on the internal drive in the NUC. The USB stick only has backups on it.

When I get my new NUC, is it as simple as taking the internal drive in the old NUC and putting it in the new one, or do I have to install everything from scratch?


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You can transfer the internal drives. You have to anyway! If that doesn’t boot up then do a clean install and backup from your USB. I would be careful if you have music on an internal drive. I would get ROCK up before connecting it.


I’m thinking of getting the Plato X7D case. However, the directions don’t look very clear, especially removing the NUC board from its case. Can you recommend any videos or other materials you used to help with the installation?