The expanded universe feature - Allow Roon to show complete discography of artist in my library and Tidal

Roon and Tidal integration could be much better, I have about 800 CDs ripped lossless in my local library. I guess younger folk have Tidal as their main content library. But I start with stuff I already have, and want to explore the rest of the music world using Tidal.

Feature 1. The idea of a Tidal subscription is to allow me to discover and explore music I don’t already have. So if I click on artist in my Library, I would like Roon to show me albums from my library, AND ALL the other albums of that artist from Tidal. That way I have access to everything the artist created. I shouldn’t have to keep adding individual albums and track from Tidal.

Feature 2. Or I should just be able to add an artist from Tidal, and see all their albums.

Feature 3. Lastly, I should have the option of seeing the Tidal version IF the quality on Tidal is better than my local MP3 file.

You can do most of this …

Select Artist on main menu, use the Filter Funnel to get to an artist say Led Zeppeln in my case, click on the picture and get to the artist page

click discography , this will show all Tidal AND Local albums . The “library Book” icon filters for Local


This would seem to cover the 3 requests , the third, Tidal will 99% be FLAC or better MQA so superseding any MP3, you will see your older versions on the Version tab of the album

Hope this helps

PS an Artist favourited in Tidal will show up in Roon , if not add a single Album of the artist to your library


The artist page should open with the discography tab or we should at least have the option to make this standard, all the other info on the artist page is most of the time of no interest whatsoever to a point of just being spam or creating more confusion than it creates a nice overview. Nice to look at once in a while but not nearly as informative as a simple discography overview.

Thanks! I am still figuring out the interface I guess!