The "Find Roon OS" Function is Confusing

While sorting out the network addressing is correct, I do want to point out that the Find Roon OS button only works to find Roon Cores that are running RoonOS, ie a ROCK NUC or a Nucleus. It should display nothing if you are running Roon or RoonServer on Windows, Linux, or MacOS.

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First thing I mentioned yesterday but it can’t be repeated often enough. This really, really needs clearer wording as has been pointed out so many times. Anyone not well-versed in the Roon lingo/architecture would never know.

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Something like find Nucleus or ROCK device

The argument against this was that there are also supported 3rd-party appliances that run RoonOS that are not a Nucleus or ROCK, but like I said last time I am sure it can be expressed in a way that is comprehensible

And now here’s your challenge :slightly_smiling_face: - what wording do you suggest?

It doesn’t have to be a clickable sentence and could have a button instead.

Configure your Nucleus, ROCK, and other appliances running Roon OS.
Note: To configure Roon on Windows, macOS, or Linux, follow these instructions.

iScreen Shoter - Roon - 230312123438

(the “other” link would point to a dedicated partner page for such devices)


Folks, I’ve split out these posts into a separate thread of their own in the #feedback category…

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Just a small selection from what you get by searching for “Find Roon OS”

Hi @Suedkiez,

Yep, I’m with you on this … I tried to get Roon’s attention on this again but did not get a response …

Yeah I know you tried from that recent thread :man_shrugging:

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No point changing the wording it will still confound people, just don’t show it at all if it’s not a RoonOS core it’s of no use at all if you run core on windows, mac or Linux so just don’t show it. Can’t be hard to do this this behaviour happens for other things like DSD options when a DAC doesn’t support DSD.

Yep :+1: in 10 chars
However, if there is a Roon OS on the network and another core on another machine because full Roon is installed, there may still need to be options

Another data point:

And another right away