The First 100 Days of Roon

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If we had launched Roon according to our original plan, this post might have been called “The First Ten Days of Roon”. Our intention was to release in September as…


Hi Enno,

Just read your blog … it’s hard to image it’s only a 100 days since launch. I hope all you guys managed to get some downtime during the summer break to recharge the batteries. I saw a photo of @Danny with friends enjoying a well deserved beer or two … can’t be bad.

Really looking forward to what the next stage of development brings and helping you guys as much as I can.


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Nice blog Enno, and only reinforces the faith I had in this venture from the start.
As Carl says, it’s incredible how much has happened in 100 days, both technically and as a company.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again - you guys have such a refreshing approach that is extremely rare in my experience.

Long may it continue, you deserve all the success you achieve!

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Agreed. I was in the market for a beautiful product such as Roon but it was probably the openness of the ethos and the ambition and the hard work it’s going to take that convinced me to sign up. Long may that continue.

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No regrets for the lifetime option other than I wish I was 16 instead of almost 60. :smiley:

I’m 65 so it’s probably people like us that will help Roon break even :wink:

Seriously though I’m really glad to have made the investment and look forward to great things to come.

Very happy with where Roon is and where it is headed. Enno refers to issues arising from information flow to subscribers (including dates). This is a field where the experience of subscription games (WoW etc) may be relevant. Lots of information about philosophy, intent and even implementation. A list of what is intended for the next major patch/update. No dates until they can be guaranteed.

Congratulations and looking forward to the first 1,000 days.


So much in such a short time! There is so much potential with this product - Have you thought about a resellers program?


It has been a great100 days for me, amid some hiccups, but Roon is what I used everyday from morning to night. Looking forward to more surprises from you guys. And, look forward to meeting you in Shanghai.