The Florida Audio Expo 2023

Here’s some pics that I took today at the show.

What a great show. So many good rooms/systems. Was busy listening to systems and talking with exhibitors so much that I didn’t really take too many pictures this year unfortunately. But I’ll share what I got!

Saw a bunch of “big” YouTube reviewers this year as well such as…

Audiophile Junkie
My Own Devices Audio Channel
Jay’s iyagi
Jay’s Audio Lab

And of course… Michael Fremer of The Tracking Angle

Just going to do a photo dump here as I’m in a bit of pain right now. However, if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask and I’ll answer when I can.

Rotel, Pro-Ject, Sonus faber


Thank you
One of my friend’s helps organize the show, looks like this year was spectacular, one year I will find the time to actually go!


You’re welcome, Smeghead. LOL :crazy_face:

It was a great show for sure and very well organized!

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Had a great time at the show! I couldn’t make it on Saturday, so Sunday was my only option, had to rush through some of the rooms since the show only ran till 4pm today.


I had a great time there as well.