The free lifetime subscription via Elac -- Still open? [yes, but it is not for Roon]

Hello – I am about to make a purchase from an Elac dealer for an Elac streamer/server, the Elac DS-S-101G. The dealer is advertising it as including a lifetime subscription to Roon. But after doing some digging it seems this offer is over 5 years old. Is this lifetime subscription offer still viable? And how can one claim it? I am already a lifetime subscriber and this one would be a gift to my son. So it is important that I get it right. I have told the dealer not to ship until I can confirm this, so if anyone can quickly chime in, I am very grateful. --Rob


As best I can tell the lifetime subscription that was offered with Elac streamers was for Roon Essentials–a stripped down version of Roon–which was (is?) built into their devices. @Danny describes it here. To answer your question: it doesn’t look like it’s something you can claim or gift independently of the device.

Hello DaveN – Thanks so much for taking the time to link to the information. I just finished reading the entire thread. It seems that the product as it stood a few years ago is OK, as I think “Roon Essentials” even though it is not “Roon” would fit the needs of my son.

But, I am still a bit wary if it is supported or even a ‘thing’ now, in 2022. But perhaps as it is software embedded within the Elac device upon manufacture, would it be evergreen and not dependent on any future decisions re: Roon or future changes in Roon architecture? Anyone who has knowledge or thoughts on this side of the issue and can chime in, again, much appreciated.

Yep, that’s the question. The fact that there’s no recent discussion on the forum is a bit of a worry, but it may carry on working for years. I really don’t know. Hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge will chip in with something more definitive. @Rugby, can you shed any light on this, or tag someone who knows more about it?

Last updated 2020 from the look of it

If memory serves, Roon changes can cause problems in Essentials and Eliac may or may not be forthcoming with fixes.

Wouldn’t buy a device based on a lifetime to Essentials. That would be putting the cart before the horse, IMHO.

Roon, as far as I know, does not update essentials like it does Roon. Roon does not provide support for essentials, that is on elac.

I don’t know what plans might happen in the future.

Hi guys – Thanks for all your input. My take away is (at least to give as a gift to my son) it will be a no-go for me. If it were me and I did not already have a lifetime scrip I might take the chance. But don’t want to give a potentially disappointing gift. So I contacted the vendor and told him not to ship and to refund payment. And he seems like a great guy on the phone so am hopeful all is well. By the way he is quitting business and has some good deals on US Audio Mart right now. He is Jim at Jim Clark Stereo in Illinois.


Hi, I’ve bought this Elac Discovery streamer january 2023. It just works fine whit occasionally hickups with Roon essentials. So the lifetime subscription is stil available.