The great day has arrived

I am now streaming 5.1 channel recordings at 24/96 or in DSD via Qobuz/Roon!

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Hmm, that sounds interesting. Never knew that Qobuz offered multichannel content…

I am not currently subscribed to Qobuz. Would it be possible for me to take a look at their selection of multichannel content ? (If so : how ?).
Per chance, do you know on which streaming plans (premium/hifi/studio/sublime) cover multichannel ?

I am unable to find anything multichannel in their download store, so I asssume that not everything they stream, is offered as a download too (?).

My apologies. I was playing multichannel tracks but, it turns out, they were unfamiliar files from my own library!

I do see multichannel files on Qobuz but, unfortunately, those are for sale and stream only in stereo, afaik.

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Ah, bummer ! Apologies accepted; just hoped for an online service to stream multichannel stuff.
(or best would be : offer it for download. Anyone ?)

Nonetheless, it is great for you to discover content, in your very own library :wink: .
And on an even more positive side : it seems that Roon Radio is doing a great job for you. Let’s try that out, myself :slight_smile: :slight_smile: .