The heavy hand of moderation

Just curious… WIll I now be moderated and not able to post more than 3 replies forever?

I can’t post more than 3 replies in a row, I don’t think I’m being moderated or that anyone can. That’s a good thing. You can always add multiple quotes in one comment

No, it’s 3 replies total, at least to some topic, and it says that it is because I am a “new user”…

Maybe you’ve been a bad Boris

That’s always a possibility. It’s more work for the mods though…

Hmm, been wondering why your name was greyed out in your posts.

I guess you’re being punished for something.

BTW - No matter how much I participate, I can no longer acquire a status of ‘Regular’, so I must have been bad, also.

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Irony, it is I that has been moderated :rofl:

As @Suedkiez says, maybe he’s been a bad Boris :man_shrugging:

Maybe greyed out means he’s on probation :+1:

Better? :grimacing: