The Importance of Social Contact in Covid-19 Isolation

I just wanted to say how important these forms of communication are, in these extraordinary times.

I’ve never met anyone personally from/via the forum, but (through various threads) seem to be in regular contact with many people, albeit in the ‘virtual world’.

I now face the prospect myself of self-isolation in the near future, if/when the UK Government decide the impose self-isolation for ‘vulnerable adults’ (I suffer from Asthma).

I just wanted to stress that forums do indeed play a valuable role in maintaining the social fabric of society, and staving-off isolation and poor mental-health.

Let’s all ‘Be Careful Out There’, and look-after each other in these testing times…

My best wishes to you all.



Hill Street Blues. I used to love that show, had forgotten until your post.
Thanks for the reminder, and best wishes Martin :slight_smile:


I’ve met a few from the forum here in Singapore over the years and nice folks I must say even though meeting up at this current time is somewhat difficult. Chat quite often to many of them via txts.

Even some of the regulars on here I exchange pm’s with when matters come up that get ones interest. You know who you are :star_struck:

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Cheers Mike. And all the best to you! :+1:

I remembered the show when I started saying ‘Let’s be careful out there’ to people at work. It reminded me about what a great show it was :grinning:

All the best Martin.

An important statement in these crazy times.

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Cheers Wayne! :grinning:

A VERY worthwhile video to watch:

I think there is a possibility of generational warfare over this virus. Witness Spring Break, where thousand of kids pack together like sardines on the beaches. A veritable petri dish.

Elders are getting pOed at this behavior, making comparisons to their own sacrifices in war.

Not good.

A friend passed on a tweet today (I refuse to use Twitter):

Your grandparents were called to war.
You’ve been asked to sit on your sofa.
You can do this.


And, for you conspiracy fans, some are now saying this was just another salvo in the Trade War versus the United States. If so, it has been a damn sight more effective than atomic bombs.

Effective? It seems (if true - which, of course, it damn well isn’t) to be a case of MAD

Did you see the singer “chick” (intentional slur) who blames 5G

if this was an intentional part of a “Trade War” it was an awful miscalculation. what it will eventually do is show how foolish it is to have one nation responsible for a majority of the manufacture of critical goods to a sovereign nation in order to maintain its sovereignty.

Can we nix the conspiracy theory talk?


I agree. I started it. enuf

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Never mind. No need to go there. We will fix things with our next election.


A message from the rest of us: see that you do, for all our sakes.


Ah its 8 days since anyone posted on here :wink:
So social distancing is hard I have to admit. No football (Newcastle U so maybe a blessing in disguies. No golf …but yes plenty of music. Imagine a life without music. I just cant if I am honest. Its at times like this that I realise how lucky I am to have a love of music. I think about some of my friends and colleagues who dont have this passion for music and I genuinely feel for them as they have no idea what they are missing.
I hope you are all bearing up well


That’s the goal. Ironically, after the last election, a friend and I discussed that we might get through this if there are no major world crises over the following 4 years. Well, here we are.

I appreciate the sentiment in this post. I appreciate all of our “forum friends” here!