The King is dead, Long live the King

So, following three months of Qobuz Studio streaming, it was an easy decision following integration with ROON in Release 6, that I ceased my Tidal subscription.
I admit its not perfect and there are some quirks, music tracks/albums etc that I cant reach but overall I am content.
I even felt that I was doing the right thing during the laborious replacement of tidal albums/tracks that I place in my library with the Qobuz equivalent, which was a slow side by side search and delete between Tidal, Qobuz and ROON on my widescreen desktop.
How many of you have done something similar or are considering doing so?
I would love to know.

Qobuz doesn’t like the colonies !! South Africa so Tidal it is

Will Qobuz match Tidal prices , I pay $10 for hi fi Tidal, obviousness a deal for SA, the week Rand and all

I’ve got both at the moment but for my usage there are missing artists on Qobuz so will be dropping it.

As i have no intent on adopting MQA, my musical tastes are better covered by Qobuz and i just plain prefer it have taken me along this path.
It’s great we have choice now and ROON making that possible is great for all and either streaming agent may lose a few customers, its just a trade off.

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