The little symbols a gray/blue diamond,green circle in 'signal chain' have changed,what did i do?

All of a sudden my signal chain box ie high quality has gone from:

AIFF source 44.1kHz 16 bit 2 channel with blue/gray diamond converted from 16 bit PCM to 24 bit PCM with green dot/circle

To core audio exclusive mode with blue/gray diamond.

Under song/description it is green dot/circle sometimes and other times blue/gray diamond what does mean?

SQ doesn’t really sound any different.
This happens on my TIDAL playlists/iTunes library of mine and when playing TIDAL songs/playlists.

Prior to this everything in the chain was gray/blue diamond, did I do something?

Also if the signal is converted from 16 bit pcm to 24 bit does that mean it’s ‘better’ quality? :blush:


Hi Robert,

The signal chain shows each step in the audio path and the light shows the quality of the chain. Yellow is low, green is high and purple is bit perfect. The chain is only as good as the lowest quality component in it.

Not all Tidal tracks are lossless. When the quality of the Tidal track changes, Roon is letting you know. It’s not anything you have done.

Edit: I’m not a Mac user so can’t assist with the 24 bit conversion question. A file recorded in 24 bit can have a greater dynamic range than a 16 bit recording, but converting from 16 to 24 bits won’t add dynamic range to the recording. It is done for compatibility reasons rather than to improve SQ.