The network path is already in use

my core is on my Mac mini and 90% of my music is stored on my NAS. I do keep a folder on my desktop macPro. When I recently changed to Roonsrever I can’t seem to get the folder to connect to my Roon library. I keep getting the message " the network path already in use" I think I’ve followed all the suggestions listed here. any suggestions?

changed the name, moved folder around, used ip address and now it working.

I have setup a mac mini as a roon server. I also have a Mac desktop on the network when I try to access my library with the Roon software it says “network path already in use.” I use a Pioneer N-50 and Pioneer SC-1222 receivers on my network as well. I have the path in room set as smb://IPadddress/public/sharedmusic. I only have a few days left on the trial and would really like to get this working and try it out. HELP