The New Manhattan DAC II - USB or Network Card?

Hi guys,

I just want you to let me know that I am a proud owner of this fairly new DAC. I tested this with Roon on a Macbook by USB (high-end cable) and wireless with the optional network card Myteck offers.

For my ears, the network was superior sound quality. Clearer, more open, transparant etc. To my surprise to be honest!

Ok, just wanted to let you know - my experience might help someone.

Btw, use is the DAC with Audioresearch VT80SE and GoldenEar Reference. What a brilliant combo. It doesn’t get more natural sounding than this in my opinion.

If got any questions about this DAC (or anything else) let me know!

Greeting from enthusiast from The Netherlands!

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Oh yes :heart_eyes: I’m a proud former Triton One owner. Superb speakers.

Are you getting ready for the fully active Tritons… confirmed to be coming although no timeline just yet.

Great to read the positive comments about the Manhattan II Roon Ready input.

I did demo this DAC, although the dealer didn’t have Roon to test.

I want to buy mytec dac
the main thing I want is to use roon

have you tried comparing ropieee via usb with mytec lan card

does it make sense to pay an extra 900 $ for a lan card?

or i get the same experience when using raspberry pi with ropieee via usb

is it worth it?

expansion card technical specifications:
The Manhattan II DAC will play the following formats through the extension card:
• PCM up to 24bit / 192kHz
• DSD64
• MQA master quality files

at the same time specifications of usb dac input:
Mytek proprietary USB Audio Class 2, up to 32bit / 384k, DSD256, also accepts digital AES, SPDIF
and Toslink inputs. This USB interface also allows stacking of multiple Mytek units for multichannel
operation. All digital inputs are available in DAW software simultaneously

Does this mean that through usb + ropieee I can play files with a wider extension?

Please share your experience of using this DAC together with roon.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

It will probably vary from setup to setup.
I have the network card and use it exclusively, it’s very good. I tested USB from a Sonore microRendu, but the network card is clearly superior, at least in my setup but YMMV, better soundstage, less brightness. It’s true USB offers resolutions above 24/192 and DSD64 which is the limitation of the network card, so if that’s important to you it’s something to consider.

You should be aware of the situation between Mytek and their former European partner. The Manhattan II is officially discontinued by Mytek, buying a new unit at retail isn’t something I would do now.
You could probably get a Manhattan II with the network card already installed for a decent price on the used market.

Agreed. Myteck had an offer themselfs where the card was standaard included in the old price.

Btw, a am realy disappointed that a techcompany like this doesnt upgrade its software to get airplay (from Apple) on an expensive unit like this. That makes Mytec a no-go buy for me in the future.

True, Mytek claims Airplay was never implemented due to “hardware limitations” even though the manual states it will be available in a future upgrade. Personally, I don’t care, because I don’t use Airplay but empty promises does not inspire confindence…