The now-playing display on Chromecast is gorgeous — generalize it!

I love how the Chromecast now-playing display handles albums with multiple Primary Artists. (I just noticed it, haven’t really used the CC before.) It cycles through all the artist images.

That’s great both for bands and the kind of ad hoc combinations we often see in jazz. And for classical, I like to make conductors and orchestra and soloists Primary. I do this because that way they contribute to the By This Artist listing, which helps my favorite benefit of Roon, Serendipitous Discovery. So most of my albums show a sequence of pictures of the band members, and the band picture. Fabulous.

This should be used on regular remotes as well.

In fact, maybe even on the album page — why should it be static? The album image could cycle through all pictures I have, with the artists cycling behind. . (They cycle slowly, mind.)

The mind boggles.


I just activated it on my Smart TV. Chromecast is built in.

Wish Chromecast could be grouped with a Roon Ready (RAAT) endpoint to combine the video benefits of Chromecast, with the higher quality sound benefits of RAAT. Hopefully a future update can accomplish that.

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Pictures or it didn’t happen.

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@AndersVinberg, do you have any issues with artist artwork being cutoff when displayed (most notably the top portion) ?

Was wondering if this is something to do with my setup, or just bad luck on artwork so far.


Known problem future release fix.

cool, thanks.

Agree, nice for those who want it. I could even accept it on the normal play screen - as long as I can turn it off. Optional is the key word here… Options should be implemented many other places too, like the star rating and the heart. Size of cover art… Jump directly to Now Playing on Play is one. I never use it although I’d like to - because it is several clicks away.

I would much rather have the Now Playing screen displayed

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