"The perfect albums"

I’d like to use this space to collect advice on albums that for you are audiophile references. Those albums where the artistic value is embellished by a recording that makes you excite when listening (voices, instruments, holographic image, 3d space, frequencies …).
Don’t make a list, but try to explain why that album is special😀


Ok, try this… pure magic, in MQA

Ok, if you are going to take on Dusty Springfield, you had better have something to bring to the party.

Just listen to Track one.


For starters …


In this beautiful, spare, emotionally charged recording Sylvian is in the foreground with cello, guitar, piano, saxophone and electronic effects providing a slightly haunting dream-like accompaniment. Listening takes some effort, but the reward is a stunning album with unrivalled presence.


just ordered the sacd :joy: Really amazing recording

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Glad you like it, it really is great. We saw Shelby and her sister Alison Moorer recently in London and they were amazing live.

I’m no audiophile, but in my opinion this is my most immersive album by performance and sound.


A bit of everything here gorgeous acoustic guitars, layered synths and some awesome basslines…

…not everyone’s cup of tea but a great recording.

EDIT: The 24/96 hires master is particularly good, listening to it now :slight_smile:


A relatively modern magical mystery tour. Love the throwback to Cat Stevens.

For the IDM crowd I recommend this atmospheric and hauntingly beautiful record;

It’s the music that should have been used for the soundtrack of Fortitude in my opinion. At least its what I hear in my head when I watch the show!

Enjoy the slow burn :slight_smile:


A sonic masterpiece IMO and it doesn’t hurt that the production is unreal…


Thanks for sharing! Somehow missed this side project from Ólafur Arnalds.

Great thread.

Here’s my 1st recommendation. A real showcase for Hedges’ superlative skills. Worth the entry price for the titular track alone. Incredible space and dynamics. Alot of sub-bass which goes unnoticed in less capable systems.


My new discovery. I didn’t know her. Really amazing.
Beautiful acoustic album. Very delicate and sweet.

Excellent registration. Spacious, bright with full bass
(stereo SACD layer)

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Incredible album by a musical genius!!

Will he ever stop? Yo, I don’t know.

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