The perfect sub crossover point, does it exist?

Thanks will bookmark that album immediately

Listen to the high frequency from your speakers as well while the sub is attached. Some say they sound more relaxed.

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Let me suggest a small investment in a Umik-1 microphone and REW so that you have a quantitative view on the situation to supplement your subjective ears.


The ideal sub XO point does exist - but you need to measure for your particular room + system.

I have pair of subs that blend with 3-way DIY DSP active speakers.

So it’s 8 individual channels that need to be ‘blended’ properly.

There is no number mentioned in this thread that would work for my system.

My Earthworks M30 mic and Audiolense XO (REW sufficient too of course) are more trustworthy than what anyone could tell me


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I will look into this Thanks

I partly agree. I have a big +15dB mode at 34Hz that can only be reduced with a parametric equalizer. I made a setting for that which I can switch on and off with the click of the button. Most regular music is really unaffected by this because it does not play that low. But it’s different for The Prodigy, The Weeknd and music like Trap. There you can hear a difference.

So ive done it. In my opinion, ive blended the f112 to my speakers in a way that does not call out attention to itself.
Understanding the cr1 crossover has really helped for me.

But i think the biggest hurdle that i had was my expectation of crushing bass on every song.

But the truth is that if there is low bass on the song, it will play it…take a song from the interstellar soundtrack called stay. It has ridiculous amounts of low energy pressure. My system is now able to play it with proper aplomb. At the same time, when im playing a song that doesnt have that much intense low energy, my sub isnt misbehaved at all by sticking out like a sore thumb.

Its nice knowing that if there happens to be sub 40 stuff, my sub will do its job. Someone upthread was kind enough to link a bass thread and it had so much stuff on there that really shows what your sub can do.

I find myself now thinking that i should have been a little more open minded when it comes to subs in two channel…but you live and you learn…until you forget of course.