The Power of Music

I was reminded last night in the Movin’ and Groovin’ thread of just how powerful a role music plays in the lives of many, including my own.

This morning I read this article that attempts to explain just how much it means to the people of Wales to be in World Cup 2022.

And then I watched this. Unbelievably powerful stuff if you ask me.



Spot on @kitated , music to many is more than just songs. They can cause emotional states of mind, bring distant memories back to being vivid thoughts.

Similar to smells, you can listen to a piece of music that can whisk you off in your mind to places you have been.

Sports such as football bring us together as one. As nations we can collectively celebrate and for a time, our troubles can be placed aside whilst we witness sportsmen representing our countries.

Blooming marvellous :star_struck:


@Geal_us_Dearg_a_suas, very beautifully put my friend. I couldn’t agree more.

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Some of my memorable songs are

Eva Cassidy Fields of Gold
Hard-Fi Move on Now
Kosheen Let Go
Guns N’ Roses Paradise City
Red Hot Chilli Peppers Under the Bridge
Slipknot (sic)
Sting Walking on the Moon
Nina Simone Feeling Good
Iron Maiden The Prisoner & Run to the Hills
Nik Kershaw Wouldn’t It Be Good
Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar on Me

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Hey Lewis, thanks for sharing that list. I intend to give all of them a listen, especially the ones by Hard-Fi, Kosheen, and Nik Kershaw, all artists I’ve never heard of before.

It’s always fascinating to me to see the breadth of people’s musical tastes. I must say I wasn’t expecting to see Sting and Red Hot Chili Peppers on your list. Those are two of my all-time favorite artists, but I must admit I have a very long list of those.


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Music has been part of my life since I was born. My mum use to play guitar all the time.

One of her favourite bands was Clannad and the Macalla album. Always makes me think of her when I listen to it. :cry:

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