The Proclaimers (Scottish one)

Looking at The Proclaimers discography there is also albums from somekind gospel band called The Proclaimers. It is really annying to play songs from The Proclaimers and get those not so nice religious songs instead in the mix. I have Qobuz and Tidal connected at Roon.

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I have Qobuz, and don’t see any of those, only Craig and Charlie’s stuff. Are the other albums on Tidal?

I checked also from directly from Tidal app and there is the reason for this error.
Qobuz has only some of the The Proclaimers Discs available, as seems to be with everything else, lot of different versions of same disc at Qobuz but not full catalogs.

I’ve let the TIDAL content team know.

Hi @anon1796887. TIDAL has removed the non-Scottish Proclaimers albums from the Scottish Proclaimers catalog. This change is live in the TIDAL, but will take a day or two to propagate through our systems.