The Radsone EarStudio ES100

I bought this little doohickey for $99, and it adds flavor to my music. Rather, it lets the flavor come out through the speakers in my car. I can also hook it up to my MacBook and stream Roon through it. Do any of you have experience with this DAC? If so, what are some tricks you use with it? It has many functionalities.

This is a great BT DAC. I use it with my wired IEMs. Supports LDAC on Android devices as well. I personally haven’t used it with Roon yet (but I’ll test it out this week for sure!)

I love mine for the LDAC codec and ability to EQ. Haven’t used it in a while since working from home but it is my daily when I am in work.

Any hints or cheats with using it? I’ve been messing with the eq presets. It’s the closest thing to replay gain I can get from it.

I would not play with the stock presets as they have crazy curves.

Go to AutoEq on GitHub and there is a list of nearly all headphones and what EQ settings you need to enter to get the frequency response closer to the Harman target.