The RAM of my QNAP NAS fills up

QNAP Server: TS 473, 4 GB RAM
Roon Core: SSD 120 GB
Music: dual 1TB mirrored drives
Network: Fritzbox 7590
Audio device: Meridian 218

I notice that the RAM “fills up” to 99% within a few weeks. When I shut down the server and start again, the RAM is 35%. Why is the RAM filling up?
What can i do?

Your QNAP uses a Linux kernel and it is common for Linux to allocate all the memory, particularly for disk caching. This is not a problem; when an application needs more memory it will be reallocated.

thank you for the information. I am reassured

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Please note that Roon Server would benefit from 8GB RAM, so you may want to consider upgrading your memory.

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The difference in performance on the QNAP running the Roon Core from 4GB to 8GB is very noticeable.


thank you for the information. I will upgrade to 8 GB

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