The return of JB Radio in Flac ...please add thanks

Thank you @pierre_jubinville, I’ve added the station back to the database.

And there is a flac stream, as well as the 320k aac.

Thanks for re-adding,

It sure doesn’t sound as good as it used to and the two streams FLAC and ACC are not playing the same tracks.

Rats, but thank you.

So much for believing the Icecast server. The /flac1 stream is also different. I’ve removed the /flac stream for now, but I would be grateful if you could tell me if the aac stream is really jb bradio-2.

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Sorry, the quality is so bad I don’t want to listen for a bumper. I’m not sure they ever say anything…or did in the past.

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Ok, thanks anyway. I’ll try and keep monitoring the audio server and see if any changes occur. If so, I’ll post here.

Looks like JB Radio lost the FLAC Stream…

Yes, see above, and now both flac mount points have disappeared off the server.

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