The ROCK system fails to boot, displaying "Welcome to GRUB"

Roon Core Machine

CPU:Intel i5 12400F
SSD:KingSton 512G

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Mikrotik RB5009UG
Switch: N100

Connected Audio Devices

Naim Atom HE
Linn Selekt DSM

Number of Tracks in Library

approx 50,000

Description of Issue

After adding music files to the ROCK system, if you see an album with a black cover, the system will reboot and display “Welcome to GRUB”.

Welcome to GRUB!
Failed to boot when when flipping to B. Roon OS and the previous version installed refuse to boot. You will need to manually runtime recovery process using the USB installer.

This looks to me like you run into an issue with your hardware and/or their configuration (BIOS). Please note that ROCK is an OS (software) offered for free. The hardware aspect is the part interested users usually have to manage themselves using the installation guide, hardware support by Roon Labs is limited.
AFAIK doesn’t exist an Intel NUC with an Intel i5 12400F processor. You’re free to try to install ROCK on any platform but there can be no hardware support to be expected from Roon Labs for unsupported hardware. If this is the case here, please post in the #tinkering section of the forum or move your post there (use the pencil on the thread title to do so).

The BIOS was set up exactly how it was installed, don’t say irresponsible things, I purchased Roon Labs software, why blame the hardware when your software fails.

@xueming_mu What make and model of PC are you using for your Roon Core?

@xueming_mu, to receive appropriate help, please provide full details of your Roon core. Likewise, are you using UEFI or legacy boot?Thanks.

People commenting & trying to help you are normal end users of Roon, just like you, they aren’t Roon employees. Please bear that in mind when responding. :pray:

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Sorry, new to the community and don’t quite understand the mechanics of the help, and I apologize for what I said about complaining.


Unless you’re using an Intel NUC in the certified ROCK model list, you’re better off using Windows first instead of ROCK.

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I have a supporter NUC, the NUC7i7BNH and have this exact same problem. The Welcome to Grub is driving me crazy. I don’t dare to turn my NUC off when it runs ROCK because rebooting it hardly ever works in one go.

What is worse is that I have no screen connected to my NUC so it is quite a hassle to fix the Welcome to Grub situation when it happens.

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