The Roon DB is 1GB why?


I read tons of thread but still didn’t understand how to clear my entire database, history, the date when I added an album, and keep my actual installation, settings, etc.

I cleared cache, images, everything that I found in the settings but still my DB is more than 1GB, history is there and Roon remember when in the past I added an album.

I delete all my previous folders and added new ones (with less albums).

I don’t want to brutally delete \Database folder because I think it could be ruin the actual installation.

What is it that you want as an end result?

I want to keep my installation, my settings, my endpoints configurated, my dsp configurated and I want my database completely cleared because I want to start again to build my library from now.

No history, no other data, and my database should not be 1GB I guess because I just have only about 30 albums now while before I had more than 1000 albums from Tidal and from local.

The installation and settings are in the same database as the library.

Try this.

First take a database backup of your existing database.

Then disable all Storage in Settings/Storage, clean up Library (Settings/Library/Library maintenance) and make a new backup with no Storage enabled. This should be a backup of your installation and settings only.

Delete everything in the Roon folder and reinstall Roon.

Restore from backup you made with no storage.

Add new or edited Storage or re-enable existing Storage as you wish.

Remember to take an initial backup, it is your insurance policy if anything goes wrong.

Maybe it’s wise to clean up your library first? It may shrink your db a lot.

I absolutely wanted to achieve that.

Just remove my storage folder and Tidal account.

I clean up everything when I had ZERO albums in my library.

After that the DB folder is still 1GB.

I even could live the history (useless because 99% it’s from Tidal) but I cannot tollerate that 1GB of database, even with ZERO albums in the library!

Did you performed all 3 choices at the library maintenance tab? I do not perform the last one, cause the 131398 files are associated with an external hard disk I almost never use. Should save some space…
Why does the 1 GB bother you?

I performed only the first 2 because the third is empty (0 songs to clear).

I have 5000 entries on the history that are connected to nothing (Tidal) that bother me and that 1GB of database I’m not bother about the size but because I don’t understand why if the library is empty it will occupy 1GB of space.

Picking and choosing which parts of the database you want to preserve isn’t something Roon supports right now. Generally speaking Roon is designed to deliver the best performance and user experience possible, as opposed to smaller database on disk, particularly in light of storage costs these days.

Feel free to open a feature request if this kind of functionality is important to you, but I’m going to move this to the Software category – in this case, things seem to be “working as designed” so this isn’t a support question.