The Roon User Guide

paragraph “Scheduled Backups” in needs small amendment. The last sentence “Note that restoring a backup” is not complete:

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roon bridge link on this page

is broken

Fixed. Thanks.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks @Geefes – I just fixed that.

Hi , are there any pplans for a PDF/Printable version , I for one would find it REALLY useful


I have assembled a User Guide PDF from the html content here. (Built in macOS Pages)

I hope some of you find it useful.

Any feedback appreciated.


What I’ve always wanted. Thanks.

While I would prefer an ‘official’ version, this will work well.

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I really just reformatted and reorganized the content linked from the user guide top page, and some of the web content referenced in turn from those pages.

Why? Three frustrations.

1 - I like to collect all my documentation in iBooks so it’s handy on my iPad

2 - while the content is great, the organization of the links on the top page of the user guide is a bit out of date - making it quite difficult to see what is the currently-relevant content on some topics.

3 - some full topic treatments were expanded upon in topics added later, and require what to me seems to be excessive navigation on the web system to link to them. In many cases I simply merged this expanded content inline, to create a better flow and organization.

While I’m pretty biased, I think the user guide top page on the web should resemble the TOC in my user guide PDF - with dynamic expansion and closure of link levels. :slight_smile:

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This is fantastic. Thank you.

Ahhh - motivation :slight_smile:

I’m gradually going through all the hyperlinks and leaving many as web links, but changing all for which it makes sense to bookmarks within the PDF

This process uncovers more little articles that may want to be added to section 10, or inline in other sections, or sometimes just left where they are as web links

I’d consider the document done once I’m finished that process, other than people getting back to me who know the system better, pointing out where outdated content should be replaced or removed.

Roon is quite remarkable. And the help content available is excellent. But the organization of that content needed an exercise like this I think. Just a little polish.


Just to weigh in here – first let me say that I really appreciate the effort here. We know there has been some demand for a PDF version of the Knowledge Base, and while we have not decided to release that for now, I really do appreciate the effort involved here.

That said, we had some specific reasons we decided not to release a PDF version of the Knowledge Base. The first reason was that it would require a reworking of our Knowledge Base software, or a huge amount of manual work, as you surely know by now :wink:

Moreover, the Knowledge Base is very much a living document. We have some medium-term plans to broadly re-organize the structure of the content, but we also have 3 or 4 new articles being drafted right now, and edits are happening on a constant basis – nearly 50 changes in the last few weeks alone.

Point being, if this makes it easier for you to browse the Knowledge Base on your iPad, that’s great, and I’m sure the effort is appreciated by the community. Just understand that the PDF is almost certainly going to be outdated in a few weeks, and the PDF version shouldn’t really be a substitute for the current documentation, which is often edited and updated in response to feedback or issues that come up in Support.

@Michael_Whitehead – if you have some broader feedback on the structure and organization of the Knowledge Base, please feel free to elaborate or drop me a PM and we can discuss in more detail.

Thanks again!

cc @dylan


Yes, for sure this will grow outdated unless it somehow is looped into your authoring process. But I can’t help looking at the ‘user guide’ page - which is simply a crude collection of links into a knowledge base - and then at this PDF, and wondering which one you think reflects best on your world class product?

With 1.5 you have come a very long way since you started - and at least now you have a decent looking user guide that covers things to that point, and serves the constituencies that want a single document, and want something for offline use. And if that’s all that comes from this exercise, I’m ok with that :slight_smile:

I’ve sent you a PM describing what I really think you should do …

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Updated the guide (on the same URL) to clean up section 3 - Setting up Audio - and included content on DSP Engine and MultiChannel Audio. Added content on ROCK and Rune OS, NUC and Nucleus. Added header link back to TOC. Now 237 pages :frowning:

Shoutout for SideBooks, shown here - another nice iPad app for reading your Roon User Guide!


Pushed an updated Guide to this link now - reorganized ROCK install content, and updated all bookmark links, and website links to be a uniform colour - and underlined for websites, not for bookmarks. Let’s you know when a link will take you elsewhere in the doc, or into your browser.


Excellent PDF! Thanks for all your hard work.

Any feedback appreciated - such as KB articles you feel should be added into the PDF rather than remaining external links. Or criticisms of how I may have organized content such as installing ROCK on NUC, or how multiple article contents have been blended into contiguous text in the PDF.

Wow! Just scanned a handful of pages and found a few that I hadn’t read. I tend to follow my nose when using the online version and would lose focus easily.

Thank you.

I spotted the use of the term “Works” in the documentation. As a guess - did Compositions used to be called Works?

Indeed they were.

Thanks much :slight_smile:

Uploaded updated user guide today with for a start, those terms changed - but also a significant cleanup of chapters 5 and 6, more examples images, and some pre-existing images and icon art cleaned up that made things look a bit untidy.