The Rudy Free New IFi Zen Stream Thread

A place to discuss the Zen Stream without the trials, tribulations and wanderings of Rudy….

Merry Christmas! Go forth and multiply!


I remain quite impressed by the Zen Stream and understand why some folks prefer it over far more expensive streamers. Has been rock solid for me.

It would be interesting to hear about direct comparisons between the ZS and other streamers, both to the pro and con…. Please do share.


I will be happy to see my original thread die after so long.

Let’s hope we can get some good discourse going here with plenty of sharing of ideas


I’m really liking mine with Tidal Connect, great sound quality into a Topping D70S MQA.
Using a media streamer has no bells and whistles but performs a function.


You are free… at last :rofl:

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The ZS touts Quboz support. How does that work? How does one connect the Quboz app directly to the Zen Stream?

My guess was always to be through Chromecast, but given that does not exist yet (if ever) then it is looking a bit tenuous.
Maybe through AirPlay on an iPhone or iPad, but better not look anyone in the eye while claiming that.

I am looking for 12V linear power supply (2 rails, both 12V) for ZS and DAC. Any suggestion? Budget is < $500. I saw many on Ebay from China. Anyone uses China one?

I’m guessing there is a more elegant solution, but I’m completely clear how it goes. Airplay would be at the expense of high res.

This guy sort of discusses it in his review, but isn’t specific in the Quboz connection.

He references this YouTube video, but it’s Tidal specific. I’m not clear if WiFi connection is required, but why would that be any more relevant than a wired Ethernet?

On my Quboz app, the ZS does not appear as a Connect option. But the Audiophilia guy did it with no reference to airplay. Hmmm?

Keces comes to mind, but you’d have to read through their specs and discern if it will work for your needs. I’m not a Keces aficionado. Welcome to the Roon forums!

I was able to connect Quboz via AirPlay, but no sound. Tidal via airplay, also no sound via the ZS. But Tidal via Tidal Connect on the ZS works great.

I surmise that AirPlay on the ZS is not ready for prime time perhaps?

Yet the review above does claim robust Quboz suppprt, I just can’t figure it out.

Quboz airplay directly to my Marantz works well. But I can’t tell if it’s 24/96. Quboz app says 24/96, but Marantz doesn’t say what it is.

Mine is OK, did you turn your sound up to full on the ipad,iphone,mac?

I have previously had Airplay working, though I was not overly happy with it, so I have disabled it.

Only Tidal connect, Roon and HQPlayer were worthy of including on the box in my mind.
Still hopeful that thing’s will get better


Yes, volume was turned up. I felt like I wandered outside my safe Zen Stream bubble into a dark, creepy alley of trouble and have quickly returned to the happy land of Tidal Connect :joy:


With Tidal HiFi Plus, with high res MQA, if your DAC is not MQA capable, what happens to the bit and sampling rates when high res Tidal is played through the ZS?

Are they downsampled to CD? By the ZS, or the DAC?

I’d guess the DAC as mqa is passthrough.

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I dropped my subscription down to HiFi and it has dropped to 16/44 regardless of what the source resolution is.
I will probably go back to Hifi Plus soon.

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My year of Quboz ends in March. I’m on a 3 month trial of Tidal HiFi for $1. Wish I had done the HiFi Plus trial for $2. Anyway, given my DAC is not MQA capable, I’m wondering if there’s any point in getting the Best Buy yearly Tidal HiFi Plus for $120? Or just do the Best Buy Tidal HiFi plan for $80 for the year?

I have a few MQA capable DACS, but in all honesty there’s really not much difference between 16/44 and and 24/96 MQA (a few records were better than my CDs but that could easily be the mastering). I imagine Qobuz more pure high resolution will be very slightly better, but I am not in it for the dogmatic religious wars.

When I increase my subscription again it will be for the purposes of artist payments as I like the road Tidal are going down.


I’d say get the best and treat your stream to a nice MQA DAC

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