The science of beer glasses

We all have our personal price points… but to stick with your analogy, the glass does make a difference - apparently our noses are responsible for much of the taste. This also applies to audio, where a nice case can make all the difference.


It’s a bit early here but in the name of science. Just blind tested a glass of Guinness in a crystal glass and a normal half pint. Got the lass to put it to my mouth so I didn’t know. No difference, still enjoyed it.

On a serious note I was referring to the suggestion that you ‘need a decent set up’ to hear a difference, it’s akin to saying you are deaf if you don’t.

haha, brilliant! But perhaps it proves the point: with every hobby, there are believers, non-believers, and tweakers :slight_smile:


The Belgians seem to think so, as so many of their ales have very different glasses to drink it from.

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It seems you have never used Riedel glases for wine tasting. But not everything that might sound weird for someone not envolved in a certain topic is nonsense :wink:


Uk has a history of different pint glasses, often different counties had different variations of what was fashion at the time. I believe they were all designed for aesthetic or practical terms rather than the taste of the beer.

Just to clear up any misunderstanding, I’m a believer in glasses - VERY important :wink:


I’m not but I’m willing to do more testing in the name of science. I can’t comment on lager though as I don’t drink it.

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Posh :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

it’s quite obvious you don’t know me in person :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I figured this would get split out, let’s continue our discussion about beer glasses here.