The seductive voice of mezzo-soprano Emily D'Angelo

I just posted this up on the Classical Forum of Audiuo asylum but am so enthusiastic about it I had to spread the word here.

I must confess to frequently just sampling a track or two of newly acquired albums to get a sense of how well I rate then. But not with is album. Canadian Emily D;Angelo’s voice was just too beautiful to stop listening to. And the music itself is so cleverly chosen - all women composers so soulfully interpreted by Emily’s rich, mellow voice.

Yes, I’m truly blown away by the artistry of this singer so am recommending the album with great enthusiam and reverence.


Indeed, she has a very beautiful voice. Thank you for posting!

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I thank you for many of these classic voices and recommendations. More of them please.

Hi Uwe

If you like the rich mezzo-soprano voice then you will love Jessye Norman.

But a classic voice is that of Janet Baker, although the technology with her recordings is dated but the quality of her voice more than makes up for it.

There are many seductive sopranos with the lovely Anne Sofie von Otter, Emma Kirby, Kiri Te Kanawa, and Renee Fleming favourites here.

But not to overlook Magdalena Kozena, Venonique Gens, Victoria de los Angeles. Kathleen Ferrier, Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, Dawn Uposhaw, Anna Netrebko and the superb Cecelia Bartoli who has studiously uncovered much lost and forgotten song.

The above mentioned artists feature most prominently in this collection as does Joan Sutherland, but her voice does not appeal to me as much as the others - a personal hang up!!

Let us know if you would like more specific album recommendations. That said there are very few albums of the artists listed above that are not worthy additions to any library of someone loving vocal music.


Thank you for all these recommendations. Now spring has broken out for me in the middle of the autumn of life. I make the infection ways for our community times a little easier:

After that I will start with Kiri Te Kanawa and in 1 to 2 weeks each of this beautiful voice gets my attentive ear and feelings of happiness.

If there are albums that should definitely be heard first from your listening experience, I will gladly modify my plans guided.

Modify I also want to direct your thought to Kiri Te Kanawa and to a film score. The beginning should fit into your recommendation list.

If You like the “Four Last Songs” , then a very nice recording is:

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