The sky is falling, the sky is falling

Article is 1 1/2 years old, so FWIW -

2019 (1st half) Revenues (Summary)

$4.3B from streaming
$0.552B from from digital/customized radio services (Sirius XM etc.)
$0.485B from all physical products *
$0.462B from digital downloads

  • physical product revenues include
    $0.248B from CDs
    $0.224B from vinyl albums (4% of total revenues)
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I wish they would begin breaking out the pie chart for the 80% streaming.

Anecdotally, I have a couple dozen SACD and DVD-A that I’ve not listened to in nearly 2 decades. I just don’t care for much of the music not so much the medium. A few years ago I ripped them with an Oppo. I still don’t find myself playing them.

$25 USD for both Tidal and Qobuz top-tiers…I don’t see the reason for physical media save for nostalgia and rights to ownership.

The title of the article in the first post I believe is incorrect. This doesn’t so much describe the future of listening as it does the future of music industry revenue, attention and focus.

Few really listen - alas I’m quite sure I’m preaching to the choir. I’m 53 years old.


If you look at the data, this vinyl argument is silly. When you start with a small base, it is easy to get a larger % increase. Vinyl is not the future, and will always be a niche product – nothing wrong with this, but the argument is specious.


While vinyl sales are interesting the amount of old vinyl that is still being sold, traded and played is interesting. I’ve got vinyl from the 80’s I got new then and I have some from my dad well before that. I’m weird tho as I have 8 turntables of which 3 are operable and 4 are collected for restoration. :sunglasses:

Thats not weird, its a hobby/interest

I have about 100 SACD, DVD-A, DVD-V albums I ripped or had ripped. Another 1000 or so CDs I ripped. Still listen to them. Often, I listen to the streaming version of an album I already have in my collection. Sometimes Qobuz’ version sounds better than my old redbook cut. I don’t buy much music these days unless I really want it, and Qobuz doesn’t have it.

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Darko weighs in -

I suspect CDs and SACDs are being resold and traded on the used market at a rate as high or higher than vinyl.

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