The sorry state of equipment reviews


Anything matters, if you want it to.

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Any response is ok, if you want it to

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Same result.


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Any part of any setup matters in that they have to be there. But there is also the personal part about how much you wish to spend and what impact that has in your setup. A $10,000 streamer in a $100,000 setup would not be at all out of place in my opinion. But a $35 Pi might be, even if it is ‘bit perfect’ because we know enough to know getting the bits lined up and well enough timed to be recognisable isn’t the whole battle. If I were to rip the guts out of an Antipodes or Pink Faun or similar high priced streamer and replace it all with a Pi and linear PSU, would I know the difference? I suspect I would.

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Antipodes DX IMO, offered superior imaging. No thin mids, rich( layered) deep ( authoritative) with correct amplitude, timber, and timing. One really should try it in your rig. It’s probably the most important part of my rig. My thoughts, spend twice as much on DX than your dac. I mean you can buy Dave from chord but I use TT, folks say aren’t you wasting that streamer on that dac? No it put a racing stripe on that puppy. I don’t need Dave now, don’t need new hp either now, fatigue is none existent and took hp upgradeitus away. My system as an FYI.
Furman 215a>- -pw ac12>antipodes DX> Sarum T digital super array USB>chord TT>audioquest fire xlr>gsx mk2> double helix prion 4>hd800S.


It was actually in the early 70’s not the 90’s. Julian Hirsch of Stereo Review measured harmonic distortion and intermodulation distortion of amps. He felt if these measurements were similar, the amps sounded similar.

The early solid state gear was inferior sounding to the tube amps and preamps even though the solid state equipment measured better.

Stereophile and the Absolute Sound followed with their subjective reviews.

For audiophiles in their early 20’s, Julian Hirsch was considered a joke back then.