The sounds of Fall

It’s been getting cooler and the leaves have started changing colors, which means Fall is finally here!

Are there any songs, albums, or even artists that you associate with Fall? Anything the Fall season has inspired you to listen to?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Ghost, specifically their two newest tracks, in anticipation of Halloween.



Summer is a coming here …

30 C yesterday, The Beatles Here Comes The Sun

Greetings from the Southern Hemisphere


In the UK we (Correctly) call it Autumn and this has inspired much music.


War of the worlds, Forever Autumn.
" The summer sun is fading as the year grows old
And darker days are drawing near
The winter winds will be much colder
Now you’re not here"


WOW Philosophy too , time for a Gin by the pool …

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Well, as Mike has pointed out, it’s Spring in the southern climes, or Petyan (season of wildflowers) in the calendar of the Kulin people around Melbourne.

But Fall has always seemed to me to be the quintessential American season, from the photos of New England or the Adirondacks, Ray Bradbury’s stories about The October Country to Halloween and Thanksgiving. So in that spirit:

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Fall is my favorite season. Orange is my favorite color. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Pumpkin Pie is my favorite Pie.

Besides watching “Its the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, watching my yearly list of movies (The Blob, Them, Carnival of Souls), the first fall record I play on the first Sunday Morning of Fall is Autumn by George Winston.



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Perfect autumn music.

Or herfstmuziek as we call it in the Netherlands :wink:


duplicate album - George Winston Autumn

Another one from JT

Melancholy at its best. I love this track, so beautiful.

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“Hypnotized” by Fleetwood Mac has the eerie melancholy that fits with grey autumn skies. So does Van Morrison’s “Moon Dance”.


I’ve been listening to a lot of White Stripes/Jack White stuff and some JoCo. They’ve both been fitting the fall “mood” pretty well for me.

Autumn by the Edgar Winter Group