The Strokes - Is This It

No matter what I try, I cannot get Roon to recognize The Strokes’ debut album. It’s simply not in your system, despite the fact that AllMusic has it plain as day.

Hi Ryan,

My copy was identified automatically and matches Allmusic exactly. The review, dates, genres and picks are all the same.

I see 11 versions available to choose from.

However, if Roon doesn’t detect the album automatically and you click “None of these look right”, then do a search, the album doesn’t show.

Is this what you’re seeing?

Cheers, Greg

Exactly. I can post screenshots tomorrow, but it’s not one of the initial choices. When I select “None of these look right” and search for it, I get nothing, as you showed.

Maybe @joel can look into this for you.

Cheers, Greg

Roon picked up all the album details, credits and so on for my local FLAC copy of ‘Is This It’ correctly.

However the album art was wrong, as per the screen shots above it shows the swirly cloud chamber graphic as the album cover. But the album cover I have on my CD is actually not available in Roon it appears.

I see the same behaviour in that if you just do a search for The Strokes in the ‘Manually search for your album’ Is This It is not found at all so I am not sure where Roon found the details for mine originally!

I think there’s a difference between the US album cover and the rest of the world, or something. Anyway there are 2 different album covers.

Yes agreed, and one of them isnt in Roon…